Random teaser from Chapter 8: Crossroads.


“How’s my favourite girl going?” Chris inquired, taking his eyes off the moving flow of traffic to flash me a beaming smile.

I laughed, my body humming with pleasure as he touched our hands gently to the small podge of our growing baby as he added, his voice soft and full of love, “Hello son, it’s your daddy.”

“Son?” I smiled, melting at the mental image of cradling a newborn mini-Chris in my arms. All blue-eyed, long-lashed and feisty like his daddy, a wild cap of silky dark hair covering his tiny head. I cleared my throat before I said softly, “How do you know it’s a boy? HE could be a SHE, you know?” I teased, squeezing his fingers. “We won’t know the sex for at least another month, you do know this, don’t you?”

He grunted. “Christ Almighty Cass. A girl! A teenage girl! Fuck me blind. I’m gonna be spending the rest of my life threatening the shit outa all of those horny smartarse punks that come sniffin’ ‘round. If she’s half as beautiful as you, and I have no doubts of that, it’ll be like a mosh pit at our front door.”

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CROSSROADS teaser: Chapter #6 : Jeremy.


Racing up the highway, putting as much distance between Wendall Bay and myself, I didn’t give a flying fuck about rogue ‘Roos hopping across the road in front of me; I didn’t even give two shits if the cops pulled me over. And, in all truth the latter was more of a probability than some kamikaze-Kangaroo trying to hitch a ride on my Harley’s handlebars.

The wind roared past my helmet, its whooshing accompanied by the rhythmic chink-chink of night bugs as they exploded on my visor. The sounds of their last flights echoed through my helmet, as I cruised up one of many hill climbs placed between here and home.

Truck lights loomed up out of the darkness in front of me and my hand tightened on the throttle. Rolling my wrist a fraction, I subtly leaned sideways. Beneath my layers of t-shirt and leather, my heart-rate jacked up as my bike whipped out into the overtaking lane, smoothly passing a convoy of three slow-as-a-wet-week labouring semis like they were standing still.

Within seconds they were fading headlights in my side mirrors as I placed more distance between us.

Once again, the stretch of road before me fell dark, it’s inky emptiness only dissected by the solitary arrow of my high-beam, or a passing run of oncoming headlights.



jeremy and bike

Random extract from Chapter Six: Jeremy.

I grimaced and released a heavy sigh, my bottom lip stinging as a trickle of warmth ran over my lip. I licked it, tasting the ferrous tang of fresh blood. It was my fault my fucking lip was split open. I shoulda remembered that bastard had a powerful right hook, but in my eagerness to see Cass, that little detail had unfortunately slipped my mind.

“Cass.” As her name drifted over my lips in the barest whisper of an exhalation something inside my chest twisted, making me feel slightly breathless momentarily.

My beautiful, sweet Cassie.

The only girl I’d ever truly loved.

I felt a huge lump settle in the pit of my guts as I twisted the accelerator, the powerful engine throbbing beneath me as the bike leapt away and inside my leather glove I felt the tightness in my knuckles from where I’d ploughed my fist into Reynolds’s cheek.

No pain had ever felt sweeter.

To have been so close and not even get a chance to see her or fucking talk to her, had killed me.

Jeremy Hoffman